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Silly Shells

Silly Shells

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Get ready for the ultimate foam-blasting experience with Silly Shells, the versatile 3D printed shotgun shells for your homemade Nerf-style blasters! Each shell unlocks a world of possibilities, letting you fire a diverse range of ammo types from a single blaster without the need for reconfiguration or mods.

Imagine launching a trio of Elite darts, swiftly ejecting the shell, and loading a MegaXL for a massive dart attack. Follow up with a “buckshot” round of Rival balls, and then switch to a Sniper shell to nail targets from across the field.

Silly Shells revolutionize your blaster game by enabling you to use multiple types of foam ammo and fire multiple darts with a single shot. It's time to dominate the battlefield with unparalleled flexibility and firepower!

The below Silly Shells are what we offer that works with the Yeethammer they will be printed in Orange

  • Elite shell (1, 2, 3, 4): Shoots full length darts, such as Nerf Elite darts, or double the amount of half darts (so an Elite 3 shell fits 6 half darts).
  • Rival shell: Fits up to 3 Rival balls.
  • Mega shell: Fires Mega darts.
  • MXL shell: Fires MegaXL darts.
  • Ultra shell: Fires Ultra darts.

If you opt for a assembled Yeethammer, toss in 3 Silly Shells of your liking to snag them at no cost!

Capital 3D is proud to partner with Sillybutts

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