About Us

G'day it's Rhys here and I am the founder of Capital 3D Printing.

I started 3D printing when my better half gave me my first MSLA (Resin Printer) for my birthday initially to start printing miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. That ignited a spark which has been growing and burning ever since. I then stepped into the world of FDM shortly after that.

I have a number of small and large format FDM and Resin printers, some which i have had to build completely from scratch. Which gives me a better understanding on how the machines work and i have had fun building.

After some time of printing and learning I saw an opportunity in the local market that I could fill so I founded Capital 3D.

Leah - Quality Control Officer

Leah is our Quality Control Officer, she inspects all things that come off the build plate. If she doesn't approve then it doesn't get shipped!