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Introducing the revolutionary StageTop it is crafted for versatile use on
various surfaces such as dining tables, coffee tables, or even the floor. Its
quick assembly, achieved without the need for glue, employs a distinctive
half-twist locking system. The table can be easily disassembled and stored in a
surprisingly compact box. Not only is it stable and sturdy, but it also boasts
an impressive aesthetic appeal!

Sizes are built around 8" (20.32cm) squares. So,
the 24" x 32" (60.96cm x 81.28cm) size is in 12 total sections, while
the 40" x 40" size is 25 sections. Please note that the sizes shown
are for the playing surface, only. There will be a few extra inches/cm for the
rails that surround the table. Because each section has one leg, positioned in
its center, the StageTop will stand on a surface that is about 6" (15.24cm)
narrower than the actual playing surface.There is also a visual reference guide at Here so that you have clear information on
what each component is and looks like.

If you would like to design and order a completely
custom table with a different size, or with accessories included, please
contact us.

Please allow extra time for delivery. We print all
tables to order, and there are a LOT of parts to print.

We are an authorized merchant for the StageTop
system from GutShot Games.