Custom Work - Killieorcory

Custom Work - Killieorcory

Capital 3D Printing had a customer approach us asking for custom grids for the bottom of some containers. These containers are being used in fish breeding. We were more then happy to assist Killieorcory with this.

He had 2 different containers needing grids, Killieorcory had a certain height and grid pattern size in mind. 

We worked together and he was more then happy with his results. Some of the fish have even put them to good use! If you would like to go see his journey using these grids then go check out his facebook Killieorcory.

All Images supplied by Killieorcory

3D printing can be used in many different situations, if you have an idea for something and wanting to see if come to life, or you need something made for a certain situation let us know and we would gladly help you.



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