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TrueTile Base Dungeon Tile Set

TrueTile Base Dungeon Tile Set

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The TrueTiles Base Dungeon set gives you the freedom to create whatever you can imagine. No more worrying about the "shared walls" propagation problem that has plagued gamers since dungeon tiles first came out on the market.  No more worrying about monsters not fitting in corridors or having to print special door tiles.  It's time to get back in the driver seat and make you dungeon tiles work for you!  "You bow to no tile." 

The TrueTiles Base Dungeon Set is OpenLOCK Compatible.

This Pack contain the below;

- 15 of Field Tile

- 7 of Corner Tile

- 10 of Single-Wall Tile

- 3 of Dead-End Tile

- 5 of Hallway Tile

- 4 of Diagonal Tile

- 4 of Curved Tile

- OpenLOCK Clip 4.2

- 4 of Wooden Door

- 1 of Wooden Double Doors

- 3 of Secret Door (opened and closed)

- 2 of Stairs Up

- 2 of Stairs Down Tile



Please allow an extra week for production on top of our current work schedule (Announcement bar top of the page)

The above images are examples of finished painted True Tiles. The supplied tiles will be unpainted and of the colour of your choice

As these are made with the FDM process (layer by layer) there can/will be minor imperfections. While every precaution is taken to ensure the quality of the print is maintained to the highest standard, no two models will ever be exactly the same and may have minor imperfections which can occur during the printing process. 

Please make sure you read the refund policy before purchasing. 



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