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Capital 3D Printing

Shambling Mound

Shambling Mound

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They will come individual, supplied on a 50mm base.

A shambling mound, sometimes called a shambler, trudges ponderously through bleak swamps, dismal marshes, and rain forests, consuming any organic matter in its path. This rotting heap of animated vegetation looms up half again as tall as a human, tapering into a faceless "head" at its top.

Shambling Mound is printed in Grey resin are ready to go for your next Dungeon and Dragons game!


Resin printed models are not flawless and there should be some level of expectation that minor gaps, support marks, or other imperfections may be present and would need to be addressed when/if painting is happening.

All care will be taken to make sure these minor imperfections happen in locations that are not visible. As such, these types of minor imperfections will not be a reason for a return/refund.

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